The service quickly gained popularity in the U.K. in 2019, has blown up on Instagram and has now finally made its way to Australia. We are excited to be providing this service mobile to clients around Sydney in 2020.

Brow Lamination is similar an eyelash lift for your brows and is the perfect treatment for softening rogue or unruly brows, straightening the hair whilst adding fullness and leaving your brows sleek! A relaxing 75 minute treatment that includes a 3 step solution process, followed by a shape and tint. Brow Lamination can help with brow hairs that are growing in different directions, wirey hairs, cowlick brows and brows with gaps as it allows them to be styled and brushed into shape easier.

Brow Lamination lasts 6-8 weeks and can be repeated.

What is the aftercare involved? Like most treatments, you need to keep your brows dry for 24 hours after the treatment. This means no steam, no water and no face products.

Depending on your hair growth type and amount of hair, your artist will guide you if this treatment is beneficial for your brows.

Photo by @browcode

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